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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by ertrader1, Oct 28, 2003.

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    Well, that was the most action i have seen on a FED day in a while.

    We are back above 1900 on the comp, we are above 9700 on the Dow, we are back near 1045 on the spzs and above 1400 in Ndz.

    now, the technical levels seem good. The SEPT/OCT trends of the past did not apply this year. We did not sell hard in either month

    The marke took a dip, but brief and short.

    NOV is coming up, NOV, DEC and JAN seem to be the best months for the market. However, the bears are thinking we will not follow season patterns of the past, just like we didnt in OCT/NOV.

    However, the feds cleared the way for more hype and people are feeling good. IRAQ is of no concern to the market and the FUND scandels are a thing of the past.

    Lets see if we develope another trend to the upside to break 10000 and 2000 before 4 quarter.

    Of course..there is always the X factor...and terrorist attack like 9/11 somewhere in the world could cause panic selling.
  2. Ditch


    Get a job at CNBC:p
  3. ertrader1

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    Does not sound to bad.....CNBC...paid to talk out of your ass with no risk.

    However, Ditch...the key levels i just pointed out and the Seasonal moves really dont mean much to me. As i trade day in and day out intraday regardless.

    Never the less....CNBC does sound better than being short this market short or longer term.
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    c-mon, you can't be serious about the terrorist thing, what bugs me is the disdain (?) for the intelligence of the public, how long will we be harrassed with that nonsense? 30 years after the fact?
  5. T-REX


    I made a ton of $$$ on the last short. looking to do it again.
    Should have a nice retracement tommorow then after that your analysis should prove to be correct with another possible move to the upside. The next down wave could prove to be extremely powerful though.
  6. Ebo


    "Of course..there is always the X factor...and terrorist attack like 9/11 somewhere in the world could cause panic selling." ERTRADER1

    Your references to 9/11 are tasteless.
    This is like the third time you have made reference to this dark day. Were you trading that day? I doubt it. Please refrain from these references on this board. I am not alone on this.

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    T-Rex...agree....if we have another down word push to 1016 or so on the SPZs , it could be a serious flush.

    If we open down tomorrow, it will be interesting to see if the dip buyers come in or if we just drift lower to sideways.

    SEPT/OCT did not follow seasonal historical moves as of yet. OCT is not over. However.....i see serious strength intraday as i trade.

    and to Ditch....what do u trade out there in Never Never Land? Tulips.

    And of course the terrorist factor remains an X factor, even 30 years out.

    As far as intelligent....lol, ur speaking on behalf of the EURO trash. BWAHHHAAA......like you guys know about markets let alone trading. Take another drink of that expresso and continue to have ur discourse on French Feminist Movement and how Never Never Land and the Dutch subscribe to free markets....LOL
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    and you think they're talkin' out of their asses at CNBC? Better read your own drivel:p
  9. pspr


    Sorry, Ebo, but ERTRADER1 has a valid point. Everyone agrees that it was a terrible day for the U.S and the free world but to be realistic I don't think it is a matter of if we get another attack but when and how bad.

    This concerns me with regard to my long term investments not to mention the effect it will have on people's lives. However, every daytrader should have a plan in the back of his mind as to how he will handle such an event occuring during market hours.

  10. Ebo


    His point may be valid, but he has zero class or tact.
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