Fed cut Monday or Tuesday

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    Seems like Fed will cut rates. If they are going to do it, they may as well take advantage of the surprise factor and cut Monday morning. I know it sounds crazy, but surprising the market one day early could add to liquidity generation. Credit market shorts will be sent scurrying.
  2. Rates are still at historical lows.
    Why would they cut? The market has done well when rates were higher than they are now.
  3. when are people going to realize that the feds job is not to support the markets .

    sorry ..there is no reason for the fed to drop rates ..none at all ... 100% they won't do it ..

  4. Could be the short squeeze of a lifetime. Everyone has forgotten the record short interest, plus the mood is ultra bearish.

    Lowering the interest rate will make relative valuation of stocks much more attractive.
  5. cute rates and the USDX gaps to 75
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    Wasn't the dollar doing ok when fed funds were 1%? Will 4.75% fed funds and prospects that maybe the economy will stay strong be so bad for the dollar?
  7. yep, but now the US is a bottomless credit hole
  8. let the markets correct. people should pay for being idiots. Why should we allow a bail out of bear sterns and all these other investment houses when they wont bail out the small speculator that these guys robbed blind during the internet boom.

    the fed has singlehandedly destroyed the US dollar. CUT RATES? if they do this Mexicans wont be coming to the UNITED STATES but going straight to Canada.
  9. couldnt agree more

    whole housing boom done at the expense of savers
  10. Why? WHY WHY WHY?
    We need a rate cut because the stock market isn't making new highs every week?

    I'm fine with the Fed cutting rates back to 3%, and the Dow will go to 20K, but the dollar will get chopped in half...so it's a loss...
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