Fed Cut By Monday

Discussion in 'Economics' started by plugger, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. plugger


    What's the thinking on this?

    I'm thinking they let things fall today and assess the damage over the weekend. If it's bad, I wouldn't be surprised to see an emergency cut on SUNDAY of anywhere from 50bp to 100bp (gotta beat the Asian opening of course).

    I'm finally warming up to gold again. Soon enough we'll see bankers on street corners handing out dollar bills (dropping dollars from a helicopter is just silly).
  2. what's the point
  3. Helicopter for sure.. passing them out by the handful seems so inefficient.. LOL.

    Interesting thought, though.... going long late today on anticipation of a big coordinated rate cut over the weekend... A bold play for sure.
  4. Why Monday? Why not do it today?
  5. even if the cut were to cut by 150 pasis points, it would be useless.

    Even by some ingenuity they managed to make the rates negative, useless.

    The prob is not liquidity, there is TONS of it. the problem is CONFIDENCE
  6. plugger


    A few weeks ago Nouriel Roubini called for the Fed to lower the Fed Funds to 0. While he used to be on the fringes, people are now listening to what he says. I have no doubt that the Fed will lower rates to 0.25 by the time this is all done.
  7. AK100


    Rates cut(s) for sure. The Fed has been a one trick pony for the last 10 or so years.
  8. Corelio


    No kidding...I would say in the next few minutes
  9. lassic


    dang it, we need more bailouts and rate cuts
    hey, throw in tax rebates too

  10. plugger


    Then it's agreed.

    The Fed should print more money and make more speeches!
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