Fed countdown

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Do you have a position pre-news?

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  1. Long

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  2. Short

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  3. All/Mostly Cash

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  4. Waiting for the "afternoon entertainment" to arrive - all my moeny's in singles.....

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  1. one hour until the minutes are released. is there anyone that has an open position right now? If so, what sectors are you looking to move the most?
  2. If there is a pause, the market will go up slightly (since the pause is mostly expected). If there is a hike, there will be a big sell off. Therefore, the odds favor a short position with a tight stop. With that position, I figure, I risk 3 S&P points (the size of my stop) for a potential move down of 25 ES points. The probability of hitting the stop is about 70%. So, the expected value of this position is:

    -3 * 0.7 + 25 * 0.3 = 5.5 (points of profit)
  3. vix made an interesting move up just now..... set up for a reversal???? :cool:
  4. i'm going out on a limb - but i see a bullish market reaction signaled on my screen right now.

    5 minutes out.
  5. Might be good to play QLD? (Double the Nasdaq, long)....we got 3 minutes, let's see what Uncle Ben has in store.

  6. best call ever. i should be on that fast money show...

    :cool: :cool: :D
  7. Surdo


    Great job tooting your own horn, You were correct for 8 minutes!
    I hope you had time to enter orders in between back patting on here.
  8. Well here comes the slide anyway.
  9. Degenerate gamblers deserve every penny they lose.
  10. capmac


    Here comes the crater job...
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