Fed Chairman Bernanke estimated that QE2 may help create 700,000 jobs...

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  1. to 1 million jobs, according to Senator Richard Shelby.

    Yeah, "Apple" jobs in China....

  2. All this cheap money is flowing outa the country to invest in other areas.

    He is full of shit.

    Ask the 100000 of unemployed MBAs!
  3. Later to be revised to "um, err, well you see it didn't necessarily CREATE 700,000 jobs, but it saved 700,000 jobs that would have been eliminated if we had not launched more monetary stimulus".

    Or perhaps it creates more public sector leeches.
  4. Visaria


    He's absolutely right. You need that many to cut down all the trees needed to print all that money.

  5. Is an MBA now a worthless (or mostly worthless) degree?

  6. MBAs don't produce sh*t, do they? who needs them anyway?
  7. When and where is the job fair?

    I'm pretty excited, I sent him an e mail asking for a job application.

    ps. Cheney said the only shovel ready project was the George Bush library,
  8. I wouldn't go that far. I know a few friends and colleagues that got their positions recently because of their MBA's. It was not the only factor though. That said there are, of course, a lot of unemployed graduates.
  9. Most don't produce sh*t, but many are good at bullsh*t. They are very good of taking credit for the work of those who get the grant work done.
  10. Bernanke is a complete idiot, an utter moron and so is anyone that believes that any part of Keynesian economics will work.

    Austrian School of Economics is the way it all really works.
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