fed cal and timing of liquidations ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by luisHK, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Noticed this morning a trade on WPO before market open at 4% below the closing price despite the good earning result (might have been before the announcement though). Can it come from a broker liquidating forcefully a customer's position ?

    If so do you happen to place extended hours orders far from the market price on rather illiquid stocks at this time of the market and see them executed because traders need to avoid a margin call or brokers liquidate the position ?

    Thanks for all constructive input
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    A few minutes trades of 500 than 100 shares of HAL were closed at 31.96 when there are bids up to 33.28, what happened ??

    Can it come from a position beeing forcefully liquidated or do you think the seller mixed up his orders ?? I did this a few days ago with MSFT, entering an EH buy order at a ridiculous price when I meant a sell order :eek: