Fed, Bank Regulators to Bolster Supervision of Subprime Lenders

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  1. The Federal Reserve said it will team up with state regulators to strengthen supervision and enforcement of subprime mortgage lenders and brokers.

    The joint program will include ``targeted consumer- protection compliance reviews'' of lenders and brokers that have ``significant'' subprime-mortgage operations, the Fed announced today in Washington.

    ``Stronger collaboration by state and federal agencies in enforcing consumer regulations across a broad range of non- depository institutions will help us to better weed out abuses,'' Fed Governor Randall Kroszner said in an e-mail statement.

    Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke is slated to make a semi- annual appearance tomorrow before the House Financial Services Committee, where he is expected to face sharp criticism from lawmakers on the central bank's handling of the subprime- mortgage crisis.

    The program announced today aims to curb abusive lending practices that contributed to a surge in foreclosures and defaults among borrowers with weak credit or high debt. Loans to such subprime borrowers typically levy high interest rates and fees because they are deemed to pose a credit risk.

    After the damage is done the white knight is appearing to rescue the lost subprime lender´s souls...Great job, uncle BEN !! Where have you been before ?? :mad:
  2. Uncle Ben: No worry, everything is under control.