fed, any bullets left?

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  1. Does the fed have anything left to throw at the market? It just seems like this market has become a giant vacuum and it is bringing everything with it into the dark abyss.
  2. the fed is what's screwing think with their interventions. people need to know the full extent of liabilities and toxic assets on the balance sheets or they're just going to thrwo the baby with the bath water......
    Fed should STOP doing things.
  3. The PRIVATELY owned federal reserve just EXECUTED the final plans of the financial grid takedown.....the fed has NEVER been there to really help anyone but themselves, as they have methodically consolidated power and wealth over time.

    We are now in the ENDGAME!
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  5. What is this "financial grid takedown" you always take about.

    Honestly, pleas explain. I'm not being difficult - I'm just trying to understand.

    Thank you.
  6. The Treasury's balance sheet is now up to $1.8 trillion, and only 20% of those assets are treasuries, as opposed to the historical average of 95%.

    (you can monitor these numbers as they are reported on a weekly basis, as of Wednesdays).

    That tells you that Paulson and Bernanke have finally woken up in the past 3 weeks.
  7. Unlimited lending capabilities.

    The discount rate is lower than T-Bond yields, so why any bank would reject these loans?