Fed Announces Rates!! Massive market Surge!! I Am Right

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  1. As predicted markets are suring after the fed move.

    quarter point raise...%5.25

    So far, my stocks are suring-made over $20,000 just today and $10000 yeaster ...a good chunk of that in the last 4 minutes.

    Just buy and hold. So easy to make money in these markets if you buy the dips.

    Stick a pichfork in those shorts. Its over! A whole bullish phase has begun! The correction of May/June is officially over.

    I will reiterate my top picks:






    Buy these and you will make a fortune in the next months.

    Nasdaq next target: $2300-2500
  2. thorn - where are thou shorts?!?!?!
  3. jerryz


    i usually don't watch it as it happens, so i'm not sure. is this a typical after announcement reaction in terms of the magnitude of the move? up or down. thanks.
  4. I have only watched a few, but it is somewhat fairly typical, the maginitude seems a little greater than normal, but the volatilty past few weeks has been much higher than normal as well....

    I have seen a few of these run really high like this for 30 min after the aouncement, and then end up closing in the red before the end of the day....
  5. The reaction is critical and decides the movement of the markets until the next meeing. During the last meeting markets tanked since the reaction was negative; now its the opposite.
  6. if the volume today is high, this will mark the end of the baby-bear correciton.
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    Should have enter at close yesterday. I didn't anticipate the market to go up that much on opening. I went long 30 mins before the huge surge, but caught only half the move.

    Look at the bear trap going on now!
  8. I think that's good. More room for the rate, and I hope it will cool down the housing. I guess we don't care the chairman incompetent when the market is going up.
  9. markets on fire...this is absolutely amazing

    The buying will stagging next week. Nasdaq gain 150 points easily.
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