Fed Announcement is non-event now?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bolimomo, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. I wonder if I am alone in this feeling.

    I used to be very excited trading the Fed Announcement day. After the announcement is out, it used to cause SPY to jitter up and down at least $1 in just a few minutes. Stocks like AAPL would go up/down $2 to $3 - that it when it was below $200.

    Nowadays it seems the announcement hardly matters. Like today: SPY was at 129.80, sent to 130.00 (Wow! 20 cents up!) and then down to 129.55 (Double Wow! 45 cents down!!) and settled at 129.75.

    Are we numb to the Fed kept saying "we gonna keep interest rate unchanged"? Today is such a dud.
  2. watch this...the end of the day will EXPLODE UP or DOWN...it is in a holding patter but watch out...this was written at 2:52PM EST...mark this and watch OUT...trade carefully the next hour and so...!!!
  3. Absolutely.
  4. Nope. Still a dud.
  5. I was wrong...:confused: but, I would imagine a big moving day tomorrow after the 10AM EST economic news
  6. Hopefully tomorrow will bring in some volatilities. We are at Double Top, ES 1294 or so. Hope to reject to go down, or break to surge up.
  7. SERIOUSLY WRONG....it could only move 1 of 3 ways and you picked the two that it didn't!

  8. Gold reacted, back on track to go to new highs. Thanks Benjamin.
  9. Bang! That was a serious call, thanks for the heads up cat at 2:52PM EST! I was trading carefully

  10. The market is just dead in general at the moment. It doesn't help that the fed has just copy&pasted their statement for the past year... "rates low for an extended period of time" kind of gets boring after a while from a trading perspective. Wait till the vote isn't 10 or 11 to nil and then maybe we will get some movement
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