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    I wonder why the Fed is holding gold, the Fed takes wealth from the people and give it to their rich friends and when it comes time to question them on it they portray that it's a harmless act because they're just incompetent but still get to their jobs. So I was thinking from the most common thing the Fed has been doing is that they use public money to buy gold then when gold hits a high number when the herd needs that gold the Fed will say if we don't sell this gold to the rich at as substantial discount they'll take all that other wealth we gave them and leave this country and do business elsewhere. Then when they do that and the rich still leaves the public officials that're still in the country would say, we don't know why it happened, the creditable academic ideas we only allow to develop only told us what we wanted to hear, and we can't remember the rest. It's the only thing certain, along with taxes and death.
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    Ben needs to get busy and start buying some more "gold", he will need it when the inevitable currency crisis, (which the entity he leads is helping to manufacture), arrives.
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    I saw that too and was wondering why the Fed was holding gold after I watched it because it was interesting to see Ben lost for words after being asked why and just blurted out "because it's tradition". One question I would have liked Ron Paul to ask Ben was does he think the American people should be holding gold.