fed accused of fraud

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  1. the end is near, stay SHORT!
  2. update


    if I had cash just sitting in bank I would seriously consider half in EUR half in USD

    actually I wouldn't just consider it, I would do it, period.

    come to think, I'd buy some physical gold too, not worthless paper saying I own gold
    but real metal you can touch and go ......mmmmmmm
  3. LEAPup


    Please elaborate.

    I may have to jump from my first floor window again.:(
  4. illegal coverup with BAC via Bernanke and or FED..........

  5. pspr


    That's an old story. Is there something new?
  6. Correct my memory please...but wasn't it Paulson that put the arm on Ken Lewis? I don't get the Bernanke connection.

  7. the1


    It is common knowledge that the Federal Reserve is as corrupt as a 3rd world African Country's central bank. The frightening part is no one seems to be particularly bothered about it. $9T unaccounted for an it's just another day.
  8. Exactly!

    We've spent many a month these past two years listening to this administration and that and this program that is supposed to do this and that.

    Much media coverage and bestseller books and the droning on and on and on by all. . .

    BUT - the bottom line is NEVER addressed. How can we not call ourselves and our future prospects anything but insane - when we leverage off of nothing (print trillions of dollars) to get us out of a greedy mess Washington and Wall Street created.

    SURE, things will get better in the meantime...but without addressing how all this debt is going to be paid off - <b>nothing has been solved</b> and everyone knows this has only made things MUCH, MUCH, MUCH worse.

    The only consolation is I can still trade the market and it's events, but the shape our country will be left in the hands of our children and our children's children is disgusting.

    There is a real good chance the good ol' U.S. of A. may not be in the same manner when that time comes.

  9. dewton


    imagine... $9 trillion stolen... biggest heist in the history of man. you might as well have a dictatorship where 1 man owns and controls everything on the planet.
  10. LEAPup


    I AGREE! It's sad.

    I'm calling Clients today, and 'trying' to get new ones. I'm very close to that 1st floor window swan dive.:(
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