Feburary could be a great month- Stay positive

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  1. 1.Fed have cut rates 1.25 basis points
    2.Congress has passed a $161 billion economic package
    3.Unemployment at 4.9 %
    4.GDP positive reading 0.6
    5. Economy is not in a recession

    Lets not dwell on negatively and start what iffing into another disaster.

    With all the news in your lap, if you don't bring on your negativity and stupidity markets will be heading higher from here. If you stay doomed and gloom ed and listen to this recession nonsense you know you will drinking from the turd bowl.

    February gives you another chance to upright your cart, level your losses and the beatings you took and work towards profitable trading. There is not much money in shorting things bitching and fighting retail investors and by the end of the day having few clunkers in your pocket.

    There is a tremendous upside to the markets if you keep your head clear, take some Paxil or Prozac and seek treatment for this nagging illness called depression. Exercise and eat right and come to the market next week with better outlook. Things are not that bad as the unemployment report showed today, economy just slowed down a little and enough rope has been thrown at it.

    Do not listen to Goldman Sachs / Institutional traders/ upgrades and downgrades and negative write ups and carefully manipulated articles decrying real estate and housing.

    Real estate is a cyclical industry, it goes through these motions and when consumers can't hold back their needs for housing in few years, they start buying, whatever they can get their hand on at whatever price they can get. Its been that way for a longtime. There are no bargains in real estate for retail buyers unless you are a professional foreclosure buyer like me.

    I for one am bullish on real estate, and sifting though for picking up few bargain deals right now after seeing Feds warring attitudes towards rate cuts. As in the past, Fed will not stop cutting rates till this horse drinks water.

    Donot fight the Feds.

    Lets have a positive outlook in life and in trading, no one got wealthy sitting in the shitters.
  2. Bro, no one on this site takes your seriously, you are just wasting your breath.
  3. IF want to stay stupid, drink from the turd bowl. Why bother coming here? Psychology is 100% success in trading, looks like yours broken beyond repair.
  4. I for one will remain positive. I am positive that day7793 has no business posting in the "trading" forum or for that matter on elite"trader"!
  5. People have seen you dirty hands with that dagger with that word " R" written on it, try sticking it in your ass.
  6. I am with ya Frank, and Day I do not mind drinking from the turd bowl if that means another month like Jan!!
  7. You are right, when you see TRUTH you run from it, like garlic to Dracula.
  8. wtf does that even mean?

  9. I am done drinking turd bowl, however with your attitude you will always be at it no matter what happens this month or later. Its your choice negative drooling imbecile.
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