Feb Gold Futures at IB

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  1. All my orders for Feb gold at IB are rejecting with a "cannot allocate to client accounts" error. Other orders seem fine -- is Feb Gold no longer able to be traded? If so why can't the error say that?
  2. I had the same problem. The order appears to transmit and then I'm back to the blue initial order entry color. March works fine...
  3. Thanks dude, my bad! I thought it wasn't rolling yet because the next month on ECBOT wasn't getting much volume -- but that's because the front month switched to April, not March (which is the next month on ECBOT).

    Guess I better watch more than two contracts :(
  4. IB -- please make the error more descriptive so we can figure this stuff out.....
  5. Just about every month this question comes up in the IB trader chat room. Ran into the problem myself today, but I think I got a more descriptive message. Basically you can go short but not long for the last few days of the contract.
  6. just remember to rollover and or trade April gold futures

    instead of feb ... and you will be ok ...

    there might even be a way to ask IB to rollover the position
    for you ... but not sure about this

    better ask them exactly how they would do this and what the slippage if any might be

    good luck
  7. Are you sure you can go short? I would think they would only allow "closing" position trades, not opening position trades.

    Either way it was my fault....I thought it was rolling soon but I was looking at March not April, so I thought it hadn't rolled yet.
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