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    Hello everyone

    I and my associates are building a software tool for the systematic back-testing of manual trading systems, i.e. systems where trading decisions are made based on the concept of “price action”. In addition to the standard stuff one might expect to see in such a tool (fast forwarding time etc), the tool will incorporate features that we have personally found to be integral for both development and evaluation of a successful trading strategy:

    - Multi-timeframe visual statistical analysis of price and volume;

    - Detailed computational (Monte Carlo) statistical analysis of the trading results.

    Without further attempt to advertise the product, I would like to hear your views of those features you think should be also included in such a product.

    The reason I am asking is this at a public forum is that our product is now being built on concepts that have helped us learn and trade “price action” during the course of years; to us it mostly boils down to multi-timeframe market profiling and support-resistance analysis. But we would definitely like to incorporate any other features that might be useful to discretionary traders.

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  2. ...concerning Monte Carlo Simulation it's not enough to "stress test" your system test results ( = monte carlo system simulation).

    For a "state-of-art" backtest you should also be able to simulate data (= monte carlo data simulation) and test your setup against these additional artificial data.

    A MCS product with these unique features you get here:

  3. You and your associates are a bunch of idiots...

    There is no such thing as "systematic back-testing"

    There is no such thing as "manual trading systems, i.e. systems where trading decisions are made based on the concept of “price action""

  4. Andyroki


    Zyker I have written something that allow you to use historical data and technical indicators to practice your trades . You can find it here:


    I am not producing chart but get them form bigcharts.com as images. Historical stock data is taken from yahoo.com.

    This was written mainly for my own use but I figured others might find it fun to try, it is free to use.