Feature polls at Trader Workstation (TWS) becomes oversized and messy!!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by DirectTrader, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Don't you feel the feature polls at Trader Workstation (TWS) becomes oversized and messy? There are over 30-40(?) pages and it seems it doesn't reach the end either. Keeping clicking on "next" and it doesn't end.

    I would suggest splitting TWS into several parts. For example:
    - General / Main Platform
    - BookTrader
    - ChartTrader
    - OptionTrader
    - Market Scanner
    - and so on

    So far there is only one ticket which mentions this:


    Ticket 1821:
    Title: More sections for TWS
    Submitted by: leader

    I think it may be a good idea to split the posts in TWS before it becomes too big. It has over 12 pages now. It makes people harder to read their own relevant topics within TWS sections. You may leave the old posts intact if it takes too much work. But for the new posts, try to make more sections for TWS, eg TWS - BookTrader, TWS- ChartTrader, TWS - Configuration, WebTrader etc. Thank you.
  2. There are still "implement progress" features queued from 2006 they havent been implemented yet. :confused:

    Give it a few years and take another look.
  3. Being fair, some features have been already implemented but IB forgets to update the status.
    Conversely, there are some features which haven't been fully implemented but is marked as complete. I think IB realise this problem and so created a new icon called Partial [​IMG]

    IB's feature poll is a great idea. I love it a lot.

  4. Suggestion 1035 Submitted by: kiwi

    The charting data feed doesnt include highs and lows of each tick sent. This means your bar/candle charts are inaccurate.

    date approved for implementation progress 2006-08-21
    voting 4.5
    voters 69

    Of all the ones its hard to believe this isnt set up. By far the most useful imho. Perhaps they haven't figured a way to do it yet..:confused: