Feasible for pro firms like IB to have "flexi lots"?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Remiraz, Jul 4, 2005.

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    Thanks remirez
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  2. milstar


    Dear Remiraz

    Author have some questions .Excuse the author if questions
    are not relevant .

    Can you or another operator win 100% per day with
    IB level 2 ,use tactic win spread ?

    Author /not FX and fX future native / can by paper game with
    real time depth of the market by EC futures ,but suspect
    can not that perform by FX.
    Ground -different market dynamic .Risk -some equal ,as IB
    not warranted SL .
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  3. Remiraz


    Erm...u mean "buy bid sell ask" kind of scalping? Like placing orders between the spread? A.k.a. "not lifting the offer"?

    Its possible on EC. CME handles order in a first in first out basis so it can be quite hard as lots of scalpers are queuing up to scalp the spread.

    As for IdealPro I think IB rep mentioned we can place orders between the spread.

    Sorry, I'm used to just lifting the offer.
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  4. milstar


    To remiraz

    1.... And market microstructure ?

    Relation of retail player to insitutional better by futures ?

    2. Which of part of global eur/usd market reflected
    by IB Depth of the market in most intense trading hours ?
    30%,50% or more ?

    3 . Can you send a screenschot for eur/usd in most intense hours ?

    4. What is your opinion about frequency of change of quote
    of filling order ? By future market more as by spot

    as example
    1.2050 filled 20 ECU05 at 9.30.10
    1.2051 filled 50 ECU05 9.30.20
    1.2050 filled 40 ECU05 9.30.30

    one of condition of high profitability is high frequency

    Author would very pleased for answer.
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