Fear of quitting day job...

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  1. I am on the verge of leaving my day job and getting into trading full time. This post is not about my chances, my experience, me edge or my capitalization. I have covered all those bases and set my mind on trading long time ago, but I cant help to feel a discomfort or even fear to leave my 9-5 job/steady paycheck. I am not in the situation where I have large bills or a family to take care of, the paycheck is not essential to my near term survival. I am wondering where this feeling is coming from. It seems like that it has to do with lack of certainty that comes with trading full time, or is it a by-product of an upbringing that emphasizes 9-5/steady paycheck as the only proper way to live.

    Do you remember your first leap? Did you feel that slight fear/hesitation?
  2. Fear is an emotion that we have for a reason. It keeps
    us from getting into bad situations that can do us harm.

    Sometimes its very rational and sometimes its not. I guess that doesn't really answer your question though,.
  3. Ah yes, that good old fear.

    It'll keep you safe and poor.

    Chuck the fear and you will be either wealthy.

    Or back to poor and less safe.

    To quote Greenspan. "It's a conundrum" :D :D

    Seriously, It's a conundrum :eek:
  4. it's probably telling you something. Unless you are 100% sure then pay heed to your subconcious.
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    Why not just say you are going on vacation for a month, trade a solid a month full time. If it goes well like you say it should, then quitting should be a lot easier after. If you do horribly, go fake and bake and say you loved Thailand when you return to your job.
  6. use the fear to motivate! even after 10 yrs of full time trading, with NO other source of income - I still face the idea of uncertainty with profitability - weekly. IT never goes away - so learn how to harness the fear for good --- you will realize quickly that you need a few different systems that work in different market environments - to help negate the fear! (it is that darn trans. tax potential-- that is the big fear!) and, build up your account -- the bigger the savings - the easier to deal with uncertainty. ;)
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    As usual for you, cold -- a remarkably vapid statement to make.

  8. I am the brightest star shining on North American continent

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    Instead of jealousy, focus on admiring and copying.
  9. There are too many syllables in your haiku.

  10. I agree with that. If I look at my trading aspirations in the same light as opening a new business, many of the same risks and uncertainties apply. Claims like practice until you are 100% certain are wrong. Nothing is certain but death and taxes, for everything else there are probabilities. I can continue studying and paper trading forever, but it will never provide me with that "100%" feeling. I don't think my fear is irrational, 9-5 is a comfort blanket and anything outside of it would be scary at first.
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