(fe)EBAY - I will never sell anything on it again

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  1. I just sold a camera on EBAY and then bought a newer model. When all was said and done, it cost me 35 dollars. 10 dollars to go through paypal and then another 25 dollars for ebay listing fees. This is on an item that costs around 400 dollars.

    Luckily, I used their 10% coupon to get a discount on the newer camera. When all was said and done, I came out a little ahead.

    However, I wonder how this translates for EBAY. I personally will never use ebay to sell an item ever again, but instead utilize free craigslist.

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    how do people sell items for $50 or less?
  3. They write it off and tell themselves how lucky they are to have a job in these hard times. McCain says eBay is where millions of poor americans make a living.
  4. According to McCain. Meg Whitman would make a good Sec of the treasury.
    I lost all confidence in the company after they bought Skype, shows you how stupid they were and still are
  5. i agree....i completely stopped using ebay as well. ebay is killing themselves with high listing fees. 5 years ago, I could search for any random item and see 10000 listings for it....now only a few, who happens to be powersellers......and these powersellers aren't any cheaper than places like amazon, buy.com, newegg, etc. it's totally not worth it. look at their stock price over the past 3-4years. I don't understand why they'd kill themselves like this.

    ebay is still the only choice for alot of stuff though...like rare stuff, used stuff.
  6. I wanted to buy a nice camera for my daughter. I did some checking and found that the Panasonic Lumix FZ28 would be a good choice. I looked on Ebay and bid on several new and used ones over a few weeks. Most were from power sellers with "buy it now" prices that were too high. The few that I could bid on went for prices that were way too high. Finally I found a brand new one on Amazon for just under $300, less money and not a used or demo like most offered on Ebay.
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    Show me a better alternative.
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    You forgot the 4% that Paypal, which BTW is also owned by eBay, takes from the payment as well.
  9. My guess is that Ebay is a well run company but the nature of the business will always leave it vulnerable to all kinds of lawsuits. A good portion of the high listing fees probably ends up in all the lawyers pockets.
  10. Fees were always too high, I sold a limeted number of items over the years.

    I prefer to sell what I can on Amazon, only pay when it sells.

    Problem there is, they block certain things now like memory. Only favored few can sell.
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