FDIC set to charge riskier banks more money

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  1. WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. on Tuesday voted to propose assessing higher fees on large, risky financial institutions and possibly lower fees for many small and less-risky big banks. The proposal, which will have a sixty-day comment period, will eliminate the FDIC's reliance, in part, on credit rating agency scores and replace it with one that uses a new methodology that takes into account whether an institution can withstand financial stresses as well as whether each institution's collapse would be more or less risky to the economy

  2. Large, risky financial institutions will be exempted from the fees. :cool: :( :mad: :D
  3. zdreg


    it is a trick to get rid of hundreds ofsmall banks and have a few large banks who will make loans based upon directives from obama and friends.
  4. Large, risky financial institutions will now game the FDIC's methodology instead of gaming credit rating agencies.

    Here's a shocking prediction; if passed, in about a decade a large bank will fail, require a bailout, and leave the economists sitting around scratching their heads saying "There was a breakdown in the system. We thought we had thought of everything.."

    I guess I'm just jaded on our federal gov't being able to fix a problem.
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    u call that a shocking prediction when there r are well known people who have said the financial systems is going to collapse. the banks are siting on a ton of toxic paper. it is well known.

    trader can't predict the next 30 minutes but u can predict an event 10 yrs, hence. who cares? if you want to be a successful trader learn to subsume your .ego