FDIC fund margin of safety is dwindling

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    The FDIC is backed by the Government's ability to create money. If they run out of money the Fed moves $X from one side of their spreadsheet to the other and the problem is instantly solved. The FDIC will <b>never</b> run out of money. The only question is when people will lose faith in the US's monopoly system. The only difference between monopoly money and the dollar is the dollar just looks and feels better.

    You just have to realize the potential supply of dollars is infinite as long as there is still faith. Faith is lost with inflation.
  2. hearing more rumors in this area
  3. The regionals are toast. Plain and simple. I'm surprised no one's mentioned this yet in the news.

    There are a TON of regionals on the brink of needing more bailouts.
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    dont let this news out, this is a "V" shaped recovery were in.