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  1. Hi ... I trade FDAX, FTSE, FESX and FGBL ... purely technical approach ... I trade intraday using short term trend following, Market Profile, Range Breakouts and pattern trading.

    I currently trade from Greece and all the guys around me trade FGBL only ... so I'm looking for equity related SERIOUS traders ... I trade professionally since 1982.

    If you are interested, contact me ... Cheers ... :)

    Just saw .... I should update my profile ... my kids are far bigger now ... 3 years older ... I use now Multicharts, TT front end ...

    To all people ... have a peaceful X-mas and an amazing 2011 :D
  2. DaxDestroyer,

    Hey Thanks for posting...welcome to ET...You have been here nearly three years and this is your first post...

  3. welcome to the conversation daxdestoyer. i trade the same indexes as you at times...generally spread against ES, NQ, YM or R2k during the early us market.
  4. I trade YM and am thinking of switching to FESX because of the time difference (I am in Europe). Would appreciate any opinions on the differences traders have seen?

    Thank you for your replies!