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  1. m.kay


    I would like to ask more experienced traders that trade fdax or fesx that what timeframe or alternative timeframe do they use? I wanted to start trading ER2 with volume2000 instead of minute timeframe but with what is going on with it right now I want to try the germans:) I know its different for every trader but I would like to start somewhere. Thank you
  2. moarla


    try the following: because most traders trade the 1 and 3 minute chart, search for a volume chart that is similar to the 1 min, the 3 min is the bigger picture...
    ER2 1 min ~ 700Vol
    DAX ~ 300
    morning FESX ~ 1800
    afternoon FESX ~ 3600 Vol
  3. i am mainly an ES trader, but i also trade some FESX as i am in europe.

    FESX moves a bit 'more ponderously'- ie less choppy. in the euro am session it seems to bounce off obvious levels much cleaner than ES does in the US am session.

    in general i am a bounce or reversal trader. i dont scalp and i hold from 30 mins to a few hours mostly.

    i like ES i am good at reading it. somehow i am good at guessing if a fakeout or breakout may be coming so i obv dont trade a bounce at the obvious level if i sense this.

    FESX, however, is slower moving, less fakeouts- just have to watch it and learn your own style/method...

    oh yea and i trade with a 5 min chart + 60 min chart up for ES, NQ, YM, FESX, FDAX on my screen

    i only make maybe 1-5 trades a day like this. i also trade currencies and swing trade the ES/SPY for longer term plays