FDA Extortion

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  1. Here you go, the Democrats, if elected, will strengthen this sort of extortion by the FDA. Billary was trying to get all food supplements to require a prescription. Think they won't want to do that this next time around?? Of course they will!! I take a lot of supplements and every one is really great, I can just see doctor shopping for healthy stuff like some frigging doper.

    It's too long to paste here, just click the link...

  2. That's funny as hell. that would be so worked up over it
    The Feds have no business regulating Natural supplements...but it's not a major issue
  3. Our only hope is that our gov't remains inefficient and secondly hires people who don't care and are incompetent.
  4. Lucrum


    In that case we're in good shape already.
  5. Thanks to the most retarded president in the history of the United States.