FDA approves implanted RFID chip for humans

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  1. http://arstechnica.com/old/content/2004/10/4305.ars

    In the category of unbelievably bad ideas that we all knew were making their way toward reality whether we like it or not comes the news the FDA has just approved VeriChip's implantable RFID chips for use in humans. These are the same chips that we're currently using to identify our pets. VeriChip is touting the chips' medical applications, as a way of potentially saving lives by storing medical data.

    Now THIS is my personal conspiracy theory worry.
  2. More like a way of low-jacking everyone. If I were given to biblical prophecies I would say this is the mark of the beast. Since I am not, I will simply say neither myself nor any member of my family will ever have chips implanted in them. I'll bet Trader666 thinks it's a great idea and it (RFID tracking all citizens) would not constitute a loss of freedoms though.
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    If you're not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to hide. ; )
  4. Here is the trouble. At some point, we will go electronic with our monetary system. The public is already being conditioned for this. Some companies, big companies, like WalMart, already pay their employees via a debit card. You also get your tax return via a debit card now so I have been told. I have had to pay in since the early 2000's.

    So, at some point, they will get rid of cash. And it will make sense, since the government has to save money. Printing of driver's licenses, passports, medical records, even driver's plates, will be eliminated. Think of the money government will save!

    Without an RFID chip, you can't participate in the economy. Think about that.
  5. Please define, wrong.

    Wrong could be selling organic unpasteurized milk.
  6. It would be a great idea to implant one in you.
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    Tsing Tao

    You are joking, right? I have nothing to hide whatsoever, but that doesn't mean I want a fucking artificial device of some sort put into my body to leech during the years.

    I have nothing to hide at the airport either, but I opt out of the body scanner and submit to the pat down instead.
  8. Oh I agree with what you are saying but it is simply where I draw the proverbial line in the sand. I will not be low jacked. If that means I move off the grid or out of the country, so be it.

    Something tells me I won't be alone.
  9. Many will be. But they will be tracked down. They will become the "other".

    You will be caught, and put under. Tell me, do you remember your last surgery? The nurse told you to count to ten, and that is most likely the last thing you remember.
  10. I'll bet you have a sexual fantasy involving implanting me with foreign objects don't you? Sicko.
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