FCT Futures

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by tradejunkee, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. I was recently offered an apprenticeship with FCT Futures. I talked to them about their operations over the phone and they dont seem like a shady firm. However, I was wondering if anyone knew of any red flags or just anything about the firm that might be helpful.
  2. · Antiquated platform with high monthly fees

    · No overall risk profile (ie. max. dollar total risk) – I was happy to wire in money to cover myself to start with, but they just kept it all watery.

    · No online back office AT ALL

    · No trade logs available the following day

    · No trading on the charts

    · OCO triggers new erroneous orders that need to be manually cancelled.

    · T/T platform glitchy and sometimes doesn't even fill a market order

    · Risk adverse attitude

    · More skype chat than bunch of school girls (nothing worse than having someone second guessing a losing trade when you are waiting for a correction).

    · Treated me like a novice, when i have a series 3 and 10+ years experience

    · Gave me 1 - 6 contracts on 1 product, when i am used to trading upwards of 200 contracts on multiple products.

    · No vision or drive to excel, just a yearning to be mediocre.