Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Damn.
    Even that idiot Cramer liked this one.
  2. yes, glad you got in on my call.

    another day, another winner

    my streak continues uninterrupted, and unabated
  3. I thought I told you that when stock777 mentions a name you load up.

    You blew it again.

    My record is unmatched. Longs , shorts, 100% correct for years.

    Its a public record, check it out.
  4. so what is on your sights for tomorow?
    and if your so good where is your news letter:)
  5. just watch for my posts homey.

    rare that I reveal my warez, but worth waiting for.
  6. Nice mojo today, hopt ya didnt get shook by the crook
  7. Called BX a Bagstone at 1pm on Fri.

    Right again.

  8. Hope ya didnt get shook and loaded up nice at 54.

    Another winner
  9. No need to thank me.

    Next time, just sell your garbage and buy my gold.
  10. Who your daddy?

    Beat the street and stock split.

    #10     Jul 12, 2007