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    Hi guys,

    I've heard a lot of discussions of various FCMs, customer segregated funds, size, capital measures, etc. Only today did I found this rather useful table from the CFTC, listing all of the relevant numbers for each FCM.


    Thought others might find this useful.

    I personally was surprised at how large Vision was roughly the same size as other more well-known retail firms... like IB or TradeStation. I'm also surprised how relatively small Velocity, Open E Cry, and optionsXpress are (in futures).
  2. You are mistaken. In terms of net capital, IB (IB + Timber Hill) is nearly two orders of magnitude larger than Vision -- ~$2 billion vs. ~$20 million. The difference in excess capital is even larger.
  3. correct,
    man goldman sachs runs the show.

  4. What really surprises me in this report is that IB has approx. $0.5B in customer segregated assets. Given the ubiquitous nature of IB, I would think they would have at least $2B...
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    Well, right, that's what I was really referring to.

    Net capital refers to the overall size of the business + assets, and IB is understandably huge. I was more surprised by the segregated assets number, like you were.

    My best guess... maybe the segregated assets number is a measure of the size of the *futures* side of the business.
  6. The seg number is for the futures side of the business. Seg funds always refers to futures. Even at that just $0.5B for a firm that is so ubiquitous and has access to virtually every futures exchange in the planet. I am very surprised.