FBI probing threat to Goldman Sachs

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    JERSEY CITY, N.J. - The FBI is investigating anonymous threats against the Goldman Sachs investment firm contained in handwritten letters warning that "hundreds will die."

    Sent to newspapers around the country, the letters threaten the investment titan, warning, "We are inside. You cannot stop us."

    The Star Ledger of Newark reported Friday the letters were all mailed from New York's Queens borough, and signed "A.Q., U.S.A." One of the letters, postmarked June 27, was received recently by the newspaper.

    Goldman Sachs is based in New York, and has offices in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other cities. About 3,000 people work in its 44-story Jersey City tower.

    "We take all of these things seriously," said New York FBI spokesman Bill Carter. Postal inspection authorities also are investigating.

    Company officials would not discuss the threat or their response to it.

    "As a matter of policy, Goldman Sachs does not comment on internal security matters," spokesman Michael DuVally told the newspaper.
  2. Im not big GS fan but its really really sad that this sick and twisted world has come to this .. Jake
  3. When you are in the business of thievery, don't be surprised when victims want revenge.
  4. Twenty some years ago, after watching the schenanigans pulled on the average Joe,I made a prediction to my wife that someone would walk into a retail brokerage office and just start wasting people. I called her one day and said, "it happened". She said simply, "who got killed?". It was the 'Merrill office in Miami where the manager was murdered.

    Last week, I told some people who know this fight we are in that soon, someone in flyover territory would wake up one morning and realize who stole his job, his 401K, his life, and I know of many, and he would do something stupid.

    As abhorrent and misguided as this is, I totally agree Dude. These bastards rake it in with both hands, and when someone questions them, they say, "what??." This was a long time coming. And then, GS turns to the law to bail them out, and the law does it. It's a great country; but do you have to steal everything not nailed down?

    I hope they catch the Perps quickly, and that Justice is swift. That, I believe will happen. I hope the Street wakes up, repents, and starts to play square. The latter I doubt.
  5. allah is great.
  6. My bet it is some disgruntled chowderhead. Maybe terrorists, but that crap always spurs wannabees/copycats. We'll see. It shouldn't take long. This guy doesnt' sound like a genius.
  7. Wouldn't know if this will be true or not. Hopefully not.

    To notice if there is any indication is to look at how the options of GS and all the other buldge bracket firms are traded.

    This so happens where put options of the airlines stocks were heavily traded and purchased on the discount brokerage level before 9/11 took place.
  8. Right, they always announce their intentions in such specific detail. Please, this is a prank by a disgruntled peon, or perhaps a partner who cashed out pre-IPO. ;)
  9. That is also quite true. If it was for real, there wouldn't be any indications at all. The event(s) will just happen.

    Now the question is..... who in there got fired or laid off or...... didn't get that second interview or an interview at all.
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    I seriously hope whoever is behind this gets caught soon enough..
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