FBI investigations released: can't find anyone who called Zimmerman a racist.

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  1. By Rene Stutzman and Jeff Weiner, Orlando Sentinel
    11:52 a.m. CDT, July 12, 2012

    New records released by prosecutors in the George Zimmerman murder case show federal civil rights investigators interviewed dozens of his friends, neighbors and coworkers, but found no one who said Zimmerman was a racist.

    FBI agents interviewed an array of people involved in Zimmerman's life, including several coworkers. None said they had ever known him to show racial bias.

    The new records show the FBI asked each person interviewed whether Zimmerman "displayed any bias, prejudice or irrational attitude against any class of citizen, religious, racial, gender or ethnic groups." They all said he hadn't. Coworkers described Zimmerman as "pleasant" and "outgoing."

  2. Maybe those investigators can go to chicago now, where they can deal with some real crime.

    If I am a congressman, this kind of stuff would cause me to vote to cut the FBI's budget. Obviously, they have way too many agents if they can waste their time on politically motivated witch hunts.
  3. Link to Zimmerman documents

    284 pages PDF

    Notice that all of the Documents are from after the state took over the case in late March. This gets back to that the Sanford Police Department failed to properly investigate this shooting - which could have allowed a resolution to be arrived at much earlier - without a media circus.