FBI Arrests Right Wing Tea Party Potential Terrorists

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  1. (This nutball sounds like a typical right wing klannish ET member)

    An Oklahoma man was arrested by FBI agents earlier this month for posting a series of messages on his Twitter account threatening to use a tax day Tea Party protest to commit politically-motivated mass murder.

    "The WAR wWIL start on the stepes of the Oklahoma State Capitol. I will cast the first stone. In the meantime, I await the police," wrote Daniel Knight Hayden, 52, according to messages included in the FBI affidavit (posted below).

    Another Twitter post began "START THE KILLING NOW!" Yet another: "Send the cops around. I will cut their heads off the heads and throw the[m] on the State Capitol steps," he wrote in one message.

    Hayden was arrested for transmitting threats to kill or injure people using interstate communication tools over the internet. The AP reports that it isn't clear whether he's been charged.

    Special agent Michael S. Puskas said that Hayden posted threats under the Internet name "CitizenQuasar." Puskas says agents also found a MySpace account using the name "Citizen Quasar" and on Blogger.com an online diary using the name "Quasar."

    Wired.com's Threat Level reports that it "appears to be [the] first criminal prosecution to stem from posts on the microblogging site."

    Hayden was arraigned on the 16th, and ordered released to a halfway house pending trial -- a move that suggests the magistrate judge does not consider him a genuine threat. Hayden's attorney declined to comment. California-based Twitter did not respond to an inquiry by Threat Level.

    Here are Hayden's tweets, via the FBI affidavit:

    7:59 p.m. "The WAR wWIL start on the stepes of the Oklahoma State Capitol. I will cast the first stone. In the meantime, I await the police."
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    8:01 p.m. "START THE KILLING NOW! I am wiling to be the FIRST DEATH! I Await the police. They will kill me in my home."

    8:06 p.m. "After I am killed on the Capitol Steps like REAL man, the rest of you will REMEMBER ME!!!"

    8:17 p.m. "I really don' give a shit anymore. Send the cops around. I will cut their heads off the heads and throw the on the State Capitol steps."

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    sean hannity,savage and dlenn beck etc are promoting anti american terrorism and are DIRECTLY responsible for the murder of the 3 cops in pittsburgh.The cop killer was your average right wing nut like the ones here that subsrcibed to all the right wing conspiracy crap about guns being taken away,new world order,global warming is a fraud,obama is coming after you crap.The cop killer was an avid right wing radio fan who beleived all the conspiracy crap that hannity et al espouse.
    These talk radio guys should be taken off radio for inciting murder and terrorism.

    These radio guys are terrorists inciting violence against americans.
  3. I am sure you have the transcripts where Hannity, Beck and Savage said the guy should go out and kill police officers. Please include your sources. Liberals are great at saying how open minded they are and then seek to have anyone who disagrees with them silenced.
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    You're a complete idiot.

    There's not one single example where right-wing radio has called for violence against Police.

    If they did, they'd be arrested - very quickly.

    Cite examples or give us proof, you Libtard.
  5. Actually he sounds more like that scumbag bill ayers, one of barry's best buddies.

    You should worry less about some nutjub and more about catching this flu from a border jumper.

  6. america is like a police state:mad:
  7. That was my thought. Radicals breed radicals.
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    That is their mo.....
  9. dsq


    talk radio incites violent reactionaries like white power and secessionist groups-like rick perry of texas or palin...they also tell people to hoard their guns because the police,obama are coming to take them away.That is the talk that made the pittsburgh cop killer go nuts and then murder 3 innocent cops.Inciting hatred against authority figures.Talk radio plays to their audience of nuts by baiting them with stories about govt taking their guns and everything else.
  10. Well, isn't that what they are planning? This stuff died down when Clinton went out of office and guess what left wing kook was in there with him......Emanuel. Now this little asshole is a dual citizen, so he is at it again. Oh, by the way, I bet he has an uzi or 2 stashed away because you know it runs in the family. He and others of his sort are nothing but hypocrites. With his family history, he should be on the terror list.
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