FBI anonymous leaks reveal FBI attacks on jounalists. Sell media stocks.

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    Of course. Wingnuts right and left in and out of gubmint.

    This case is not one of them.
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    Just so you know where I am coming from. I was a young teenager when Watergate broke and am well aware of all kinds of gubmint up to no good for decades now.

    I was questioning the OP's source Project Veritas like something new was being reported - "wow didn't know that was going, those dirty rotten dems".
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  3. the leaked document is included, idiot.

    in another post, a project veritas story was challenged because the story about a DEA official was published by project veritas. the story was a 45 minute minute video wherein the official, himself, personally stated the corruption occurring within the DEA. in high definition.
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    Try again wingy.
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    Since this is in the stocks section (why I don't know?) to get it back on track take a look at iShares IEME, U.S. media and entertainment ETF - the time to sell was March .... last year. Almost $43 then, today around $27.

    Maybe there was a leak of the "leak".
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    let me jump right on here and take advice from a random wackjob rambling about other random wackjobs
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    These things start out as some bizarre, inexcusable violation of privacy and then have a way of surfacing as an off-the-wall, bat-shit-crazy conspiracy theory that makes its way through the environs of the internet, becomes the subject of a You Tube video and new material for Russian Army hackers. The final stop seems to be politics, because one of our two political parties has an open door policy towards, and actively cultivates, our mentally challenged citizens.
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    Don't worry about it. It's statistically impossible, unless of course nearly everyone is a wingnut.
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  10. What if...
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