FBI anonymous leaks reveal FBI attacks on jounalists. Sell media stocks.

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    Anyone trusting the presstitutes of the Ministry of Truth (mainstream media run by 5 or 6 corporations) at this point is beyond hope.
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    "James Edward O'Keefe III (born June 28, 1984) is an American political activist and provocateur who founded Project Veritas, a far-right activist group that .............."

    Nothing like a little bias in your stock picking.

    Sell "Project Veritas".

    What is it with wingnuts and Latin?
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    So you go to a completely biased MSM source who considers anyone more conservative than Hillary Clinton "far right." Nice programming. Nothing like a little bias for a wannabe trader. What is it with leftists and their hatred for foundational languages? Tu Quoque?
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  5. Weird thing to say:

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    Didn't say gubmint, said wingnuts. Difference.

    Like those who wrapped themselves in the flag but stormed the capital Jan 6th. Or others that claim to have all kinds of military experience/knowledge/medals that have never left the country - and likely still live in their parents basement.

    So use of Latin is somehow considered giving it an official sounding stamp of approval, or so they think.
  7. Is it possible that the government is made up of the very same people you are deriding as wingnuts or are wingnuts somehow exempt from working in government?
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    The cliffhanger for season two was one of the best ever written for television. Gosh I miss those days, when TV was good.

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