FBI and my Financial Loss $50 Million

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  1. George Bush had said "if you harbour terrorist, you are terrorist". Today USA is suffering terribly because USA in harbouring FBI. Everybody should know the truth so I am posting this here.

    I have suffered financial loss of estimated $50 million because of FBI. I had 100% honest, legitimate and respected internet business which was shut down by FBI reckless and idiotic decisions. How many people involved in internet marketing have suffered financial loss because of FBI and law authorities stupid and reckless decisions. FBI and world law have a bad habit of shutting down websites without proper investigations. I agree internet marketing is very attractive for online frauds and crimes but there are many 100% honest people who have suffered financial loss because of world law.

    Why are honest people scared/terrified of FBI and Law?

    Some 6 years back, I was partner (to some extent) with Stormpay. Stormpay was an online payment processor similar to Paypal. Infact Stormpay was better than Paypal. Stormpay would have easily taken over/defeated Paypal in 2 years, if Stormpay would have not been shut down by that idiot FBI.

    I think today millions of Paypal users have some problem with Paypal since I have read hundreds of horror stories about Paypal. I think monopoly has gone to Paypal's head. Paypal would have been kept in check and hundreds of millions of online payment processor customers would have received excellent and low-cost service if today Stormpay would have survived. Stormpay was a better payment processor than Paypal but Stormpay was shut down by the FBI without proper investigations since Stormpay was processing payments for a possibly scam investment company but Stormpay had no knowledge of this scam.

    I doubt Paypal had something to do with shut down of Stormpay because Stormpay would have taken over Paypal in 2 years and today Stormpay would have dominated the online payment industry instead of Paypal. Today many millions of worldwide people are suffering at the hands of Paypal because of reckless and idiotic decisions of the FBI.

    One of my family members died because of FBI decisions. Because of FBI, my family have suffered extensively for 6 years.

    FBI or USA government should compensate/repay me for my financial loss of $50 million.

    According to online polls world economy is $14 Trillion ponzi because 80% people say more than 20% of world economy is ponzi.

    Stormpay was processing payments for possible ponzi (12dailypro) which had collected $300 million in 1 year. FBI shut down 12dailypro but FBI also shut down Stormpay without proper investigations. I would speak to managers of Stormpay frequently. Stormpay was honest and innocent.
  2. Just go read some of the stories on

  3. StormPay... Sounds like a great company.

    "McConnell, one of the founders of StormPay, had previously used the service as the payment processor for a pyramid/ponzi scheme, TymGlobal, in 2002-2003. An order to cease and desist was given by the Tennessee Securities Division. All references to TymGlobal were then removed from StormPay in an attempt to clean up its image, after which it became a general online payment processor usable for any purpose within its Terms of Service. In 2004-2006, StormPay was used almost exclusively by autosurf websites, Paid To Read sites, high-yield investment programs, money randomizers,gifting clubs, and online auction sales."

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    Not to worry, I have your $50 million. But, it's in a Nigerian bank account, so I will need your assistance getting it released to you...
  5. If I remember correctly Stormpay management had changed and Stormpay had become the best payment processor. Better than Paypal.

    Also, HYIP programs do not give money refund guarantee. Members have to invest at their own and decisions. So HYIP are not fraud. Nobody is pointing a Gun on your head and forcing you to invest in HYIP.

    I agree, maybe 12dailypro was a ponzi so shut down of 12dailypro by FBI was justified.


    But on second thought there is gambling, casinos, betting and other fast money business.

    There is wide spread prostitution and pornography in this world.

    Millions of worldwide people agree that world economy is ponzi to some extent.

    I remember Charis (owner of 12dailypro) posted in online forum that when FBI raided her home she said “I am like a lioness who is defending her cubs”. I believe a woman who says that cannot be a fraud. Maybe 12dailypro had some real business to pay high profits to their members. There are thousands of high profit stories posted on reputed websites posted by intelligent traders. But I agree high profits are not possible for long-term and also to earn high profits there is high risk of high loss. Traders lose all their short term high profits in a single day. Maybe that is the reason some HYIP shut down without warning and there is no refund and new payments to their members. HYIP pay for 2 to 4 years only. But they can shut down anytime.

    95% of 12dailypro members were happy with Charis and 12dailypro. Some members considered Charis as God because everybody cannot earn good profits.

  6. StormPay was such a good company that they "generated more complaints to BBB than any other Middle Tennessee or Southern Kentucky business."

  7. ."..In 2004-2006, StormPay was used almost exclusively by autosurf websites, Paid To Read sites, high-yield investment programs, money randomizers,gifting clubs, and online auction sales."

    sounds just like the kind of a site pornographers would use. why aren't they listed among heavy users?
  8. How many worldwide complaints have been generated in past 3 years against USA government and Barack Obama.

    2 years back, I read somewhere that Obama received 30 deaths threats everyday.

    I think today USA Secret Service is having serious headache defending Obama.

    I think USA government must have received 1 Billion worldwide complaints in past 3 years.
  9. I think one day USA Secret Service will get angry and abandon/leave Obama and he will walk alone. Secret service people are highly intelligent people. I know some Service service agents but I think they resigned in year 2009. I have been extremely busy (did not brush my teeth for 45 days but no bad breath).

    Why should intelligent people defend and protect an idiot who is destroying the whole world everyday? If somebody attacks Obama then Secret service will be the first people to get injured or killed.
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