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  1. Yes, I like it. I'm long FB @ 151.50. Target 180.00
    #51     May 25, 2017
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  2. Jamie J.

    Jamie J.

    FB keeps the right track. Now waiting for at least $160.
    #52     May 25, 2017
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  3. Facebook's overweight rating reiterated at Cantor Fitzgerald. $180.00 PT.
    #53     May 29, 2017
  4. dealmaker


    Rivals Sky, Virgin join forces to take on Facebook, Google
    Rupert Murdoch's Sky TV and Richard Branson's Virgin Media are setting aside their long-standing rivalry to join together andoffer more powerful targetingto U.K. TV advertisers. With 30 million viewers between them, the pay TV partners are claiming that the alliance puts them on a par with Google and Facebook in terms of U.K. reach but in a safer brand environment.(Ad Age)
    #54     Jun 19, 2017
  5. vanzandt


    Over/under $165 anybody?
    Too risky for my blood, but if I had to guess.... "over"... as in up.
    If it sells off there'll be sooo many people buying it tomorrow.
    All things considered, its pretty cheap.
    #55     Jul 26, 2017
  6. I think this goes down for anything less than a 10% earnings beat....I think 1.23 - 1.25 is the mark, as I recall...

    I'm on the opposite side with covered call at $160.
    #56     Jul 26, 2017
  7. vanzandt


    Facebook is the Amazon of Facebooks. :D
    It only goes up.
    #57     Jul 26, 2017
  8. What the heck happened here...we did see 1.32 and 17% DAU / MAU growth didn't we?

    I think ETH has this one wrong.
    #58     Jul 26, 2017
  9. vanzandt


    Yeah they beat big.
    That dip was just a head fake.
    Its up from here.
    Any weakness will be bought.
    How can it not be?
    Unlike Pigflix.... FB makes $'s.
    #59     Jul 26, 2017
  10. Yup, now the prices are a bit more where I expected. Nice call Z!
    #60     Jul 26, 2017