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  1. Yeah, lots of buying pressure at 150.
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  2. Very nice. I think the stock will be trading above $200 by the end of the year.
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  3. Markets can have buying pressure when simply mean-reverting. I'm still short the stock for the time-frame. Will post when I exit.
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  4. Jamie J.

    Jamie J.

    I must say, FB keeps good range (stable at $150). But the bulls already want more :D
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  5. They sure made a showing in the last 10 mins today! I would not want to be short on this one with the harami and all those long tails indicating the direction the winds are blowing. It didn't take many bulls to keep the bears at bay today.
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  6. Exited this one @151.50 for a loss. Should've got out @ 150.5. That happens when you're trading from a tablet for the first time.

    Bought some FB @ 152
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  7. Got whipsawed on FB. Trading on a tablet with no volume is not recommended.

    I'm short the stock again. Target 147 but will take as much as the market will give me.
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  8. $FB Thinking we get a pre-market open of about 148.75 to 149.50
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  9. This just is not your stock...You taking the little win here before it goes up again?
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  10. I'll ride FB out. If I get burned on this one, I'll concede defeat.

    Just bought some TSLA. Expecting to hold for a few weeks minimum.

    Looking to buy some Ether again @ 91

    Still long AAPL, GOOG, AMZN, short COF
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