FB v. Google bidding war to buy Fitbit

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  1. vanzandt


    I wonder if anybody has ever been busted by their significant-other using their Fitbit data and figuring out that the 30 minutes of elevated heart-rate at 1 AM on the last out of town business trip wasn't just indigestion.
  2. zdreg


    Why don't you start a column Guide not to get Caught Cheating.:wtf:
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  3. Turveyd


    My daughter got caught the other week, left her I-watch at home, BF reading all her messages, tech makes it easy to get caught.

    My Smart Watch, nearly got me busted, it's been in airplane mode since just as a watch, much safer.
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  4. People call me old school for wearing a standard watch, google already tracks me through google maps. I don’t mind but when a drone starts following me then I draw the line!
  5. vanzandt


    Ya know on a serious note, this whole drone thing is stupid. One AMZN driver tooling around in one of those Sprinter vans can make upwards of 400 deliveries/day, and those friggin vans are everywhere. A quick Google search shows that in Paris alone, AMZN delivers 250,000 packages/day. That goes up tenfold around the holidays. So we have UPS, Fedex, DHL, Amazon; all of them, all diligently pursuing drone delivery. There will be so many of these damn things they'll block out the sun. Even if they are only used for high priority stuff they will still be all over the sky. Assuming they can make it 99.9% error free, which they of course can't, but even at that, .1% will result in 100's of cars being damaged, houses being damaged, people being injured and perhaps killed.... daily. And kids in the hood with sling-shots/BB guns/potato cannons/whatever, will have a whole new sport, lets see what we can pluck from the sky today. Santa arrives daily. So that will require dozens of new state, local, and federal laws. People will be getting locked up left and right if they so much as look at a downed package. Incarceration nation baby. And what happens when there is a glitch in the 5G buildout? Sure, that'll never happen. Drones will be crashing into each other and autonomous cars will be driving into peoples living rooms. More lawyers and more lawsuits, just what we need.

    I like to consider myself as someone who embraces bold visions of the future, I truly believe anything can be done and I'm not one to scoff "if man were meant to fly he'd have wings".... but I just don't see this one. Then again like I said, the folks running these industries are probably (a little) smarter than me so who knows. Maybe they're not. Probably not. Ahhhh ok... they're not.
  6. Here4money


    It's so stupid. If you want to be polyamorous, be upfront about it and you won't have the stress of hiding it. Why drag someone else who's willing to be committed?
  7. Turveyd


    Only works if both partners is up for it, life too short not to.