FB shorting strats

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  1. Ok , so are you big swinging dix who were talking a good game all short now?
  2. dont feel bad, knight lost 30 million trading this turd.
  3. i don't think its a turd i just don't think its worth 100 billion. i don't know how you can go long or short its a joke.
  4. Borrowing shares to short will be tough. Another idea is to short a proxy stock...like linkedIn or Zynga or Groupon.
  5. zdreg


    if you have a shoddy broker it will be tough to borrow. then some people will grumble about the interest rate they are paying on the borrow.

    as to shorting linkedIn or Zynga or Groupon you may be late.
    look at their charts.
  6. Only $3 per share for a 1 year borrow ? That's nothing on a daily or weekly basis.
  7. zdreg



    for the panty waste traders who abound that is a cause for screaming.
  8. Bison42


    FB has to make a huge downside move at those prices. $3/sh is a lot.
  9. zdreg


    it is next to nothing on a daily basis or weekly basis.. syzwiz explained it to you.
    it is $3/yr or .00833 per day.
    that is less than a penny per day.

    do u understand?
  10. that last et'er than understood anything was in 2002
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