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  1. FB/RIMM those two underdogs are my puppies. FB sharp down from 20 to 19, then leg up to 20+, defined a nice reversal, bought some at 21.5 in my IRA, then added some at 23, I am looking for 30+ near term, long haul at 50~65.

    RIMM is beaten down heavily, full of scars, magically it is recovering. keep playing some calls, almost each time, produce good results. it is trending nicely up.

    I do not like dogs with fleas, and dirty. I like those dogs with nice trending behaviors. those dogs do not show nice predictatable behaviors are the worst to handle.
  2. hajimow


    FB and RIMM have lots of fleas under their fur. Beaten dirty dogs jump sometimes.

    If you just add the third element (GRPN) to your portfolio, you would never retire !!.

    I was not planning to mock you. I wanted to give you a harsh wakeup call before bad things happen. Please care about your IRA. The fact that IRA is a long term investment does not mean that you should do crazy things in it. RIMM will be like Nokia. The reason that FB is up recently is that some big investors did a contrary trade on it because of lockup expiry date. It will fade out in a matter of days.
  3. nice jump RIMM, my 10 call (bought at 0.05~0.1, looks dam good . thanks those pumpers

    FB will hit 25+ today, my call 24.5 (bought at 0.05), will be good too.

    those two puppies are lovely and cute and nice, they do not have fleas now
  4. whether the dog has fleas

    or the dog has not, no matter what

    if it does have nice trending trait, which is the most desirable behavior pattern I like

    whether it trends up

    or trends down

    to me, all cute and lovely

    I try my best to avoid dogs which do not balk, silent. those dogs are the most dangerous to me since I could not figure out what that dog will do.
  5. FB shoot niccely. my puppy, get to laugh to bank again. 25, 24.5 calls print nice gain for me, though my friday's FB call ended worthless, but rimm puppy call gave me more than 10folds of gain. next is 27.5 .... this puppy looks very happy.

    my success is when I realize I need think contrary to the herd, view things totally different from the crowd.

    avoid consolidation, grab gush up/down. do not argue with cents or dimes, line myslef in the big swing.

    when up, I view the up as bottom.
    when down, I view the down as top.

    most people view an up as top.

    most people view a down as bottom.

    I am a trend follower, under the fur, I am contrary in the eye of crowd majority.
  6. Rimm rallies again pre-market, my 11 and 10.5 call bought at 0.07~0.2 yesterday makes me happy again.

    the morning dip really just a trap for short sellers.

    go with the trend.

    my FB 26.5 call looks good too today, the whole market roll-caster.

    the trend is my friend.
  7. based on the huge short interest on FB/RIMM, particularly rimm.

    RIMM will climb high quickly into 13 ~15 range. get to laugh, those suckers to short sell into an obvious former underdog.

    FB seems too.

    this week I bought FSLR 26 call too, FSLR will rock and crush those suckers.

    when a new trend is defined, suckers in an obvious old trend still think they are in down trend, that is why I like those suckers. they suck, add more fuel to higher and higher.

    one day when they realize they should go long, I will go short.

    contrary to those suckers, the big winning lottery.
  8. removed RIMM from my trading platform. made a killing on my dip buy calls yesterday, more than 10 fold gains.

    from today's price action plus two ago 's gap up and way down, it seems to me Big guys are selling in the gap up. will forget about RIMM a while. RIMM is a wild dog from here.

    FB still my puppy. 27.5 that is last time's thrust down point, sold all calls which expiring this week when it hits 27.5+.

    bought 27/27.5 calls next week.

    dumped all my 26 FSLR calls when it hit 27.5+ too. felt not right about FSLR. did not buy anything for next week.