FB Options starting to trade tomorrow

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  1. While the stock was obviously a casino to begin with, I wonder how high the premiums for credit spreads will be.
  2. sle


    I would recon Jan vols would be 40 - 50 percent.
  3. Yeah, good call. 55%. I went short vol in a fly neutral D to 31 on shares.
  4. Got 30 puts @ 1.65. Quick move to 29, perhaps.
  5. a faceplant close under 30.00 pesos a share should start a cliff dive for retail.

    they pumped it , now dump it.


  6. puke 'em out.


  7. Out @ 1.90. I give up on it.
  8. dannyz


    hello people. my name is danny i am two weeks new to trading options. two weeks ago i but options on vhc and i made 1500$ off a 600$ investment. but i just reinvested some money on puts for fb i am hoping the stock will go down i bought july puts with a strike price of 25$. i am new to this im hoping i can find advice and we can figure out how to make good money on options investing everyone let me know what your thoughts are!
  9. Welcome aboard. Do you want to know our thoughts on your FB trade or about getting started with options?
    Perhaps you should start a new thread with your massage. it sounds like you are new to the markets, you say you are "hoping" the stock goes down.. it sounds like a bet, and maybe you are in the market just for the thrill of betting but be aware that the real traders will take your money eventually even if your FB trade is successful this time.
    Options, the way un-experianced traders play them are risky. regarding your trade, I personally don't have an opinion because I don't know if FB will go down, and if it will, I have no idea if it will be enough to make the puts profitable. I hope you know the underline can go down and you still might lose money on your puts.
  10. Georgi90


    I bought the jul 20 33-35-37 fly as a bullish view
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