FB Dec14 28 calls

Discussion in 'Options' started by trader198, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. I predict today FB hits 30, anyone with me.

    I bought 850lots at 0.1~0.3 wensday/thursday. crazy, a little bit dizzy.
  2. today, Friday?
    you mean option Contracts, not Lots...?

    our predictions, hunches, feelings,
    are sometimes right and sometimes wrong...

  3. turned a winner into a loser (sold in the opening, lost a little bit). should close it out thursday rally.

    damn it. forget about FB a while. it stinks. did not realize it is lock-up expiration, too blind about the breakout.

    bought some FCX bottom picking 32 calls, works nicely today.
    also bought some X 23 call for the breakout, works nicely too.
  4. I think buying cheap options the day before expiry is a good move, the risk/reward ratio is very high - 1:5+

    Lets visit this thread next Thursday for a similar trade, maybe try a $0.10 strangle.


  5. FCX and X look like more steam in their move. Good calls. Why don't you post your calls here, everyone make money thread. I was short FB via puts, closed off too early. Watch amzn and appl, good for more puts.