FB and short term memory

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  1. analysts downgrade XAXA "after" the stock tanks
    analysts upgrade AXAX "after" the stock rockets

    lots of people bought the FB IPO, on the
    anticipation that it would be a big winner [think EBAY etc]
    and now most are bashing FB "after" it's fall

    I swear, 8 or 9 out of 10 posts,
    on every website has something negative to say about FB.
    It's feeling a little overdone, to me.

    Nassim Taleb talks about our [me included] short term memories -
    we assume the future will be similar to the [recent] past.

    Meanwhile, for what it's worth, FB now has 1 Billion users.
    They may be crummy, ignorant, stupid, sheep, etc,
    but...something is going on...and it's growing...

    I admit,
    I am currently long some Leap Options. And I also
    own a grand total of 100 shares, in one of my accounts.

  2. wait for the lockups to clear.
  3. since everyone knows it's coming,
    then how much is already built into the current price?

    i'm not saying your prediction will be wrong,
    i'm just thinking we don't really know...

  4. Facebook is useless.

    I fall into facebook's primary target market.

    I go to facebook once a week for 5 minutes.

    I am one of those billion people.
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    Only so many billions of people you can add to your bottom line, its not possible to have everyone that uses the internet on facebook so it looks to me facebook is closer to losing than winning. They should have come up with a way to monetize the mobile platform about 2-3 years ago not today....The major growth days for facebook are behind it, every social networking has its day or 2 and is usually forgotten by the next big thing. No one remember Friendster or Myspace or Bebo, the names go on and on but will stop there. Facebook will be trading in the single digits.
  6. its going straight down. Apparently its not all priced in yet.;)
  7. Perhaps the next MAJOR social network will be built specifically for mobile.
  8. the wedge puke.
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  9. If everyone "knows" it's going to $10,
    and less,
    most of you here must be Short, right?

  10. this is a hate Zuckerscam thread.

    you in....?
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