FB 21.50 good buy time.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by MilkDrink, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. hold forever once you buy here.
    buy low.. sell high.
    ****no stop loss.

    got a few thousand shares.

    valuation strategy - warren buffett/lynch.
    timing strategy - my own
  2. I call ~18.00 or 21.50 in 3 months.
  3. asap


    just let us know in which buffett valaution model, FB comes up as a buy?

  4. monopoly.
  5. Facebook is a melting time bomb.
  6. asap


    monopoly, really? there are plenty of social networks out there, and some of them are way more successful than FB, i.e. Linkedin.
  7. I would never BUY facebook because I don't BUY into the whole idea all THAT much in the first place...

    If anything, I'd sell before buying..
  8. try not to be swayed by "current" bad news.
    Theres nothing more succcessful then FB or will there ever be another social network to replace it.

    I mentioned social, not business network (linkedin)
  9. Quick, Someone program some more bots to click more FB ads.


    Putting my life savings into FB after seeing this thread, No stop needed, Thank you.:p

  10. Its not your opinion that counts, its the markets perception.
    you may be a non cell phone, typewriter lugging person.
    Has nothing to do with facebook and its value as a monopoly.

    ps. I don't have a facebook account either.
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