Faz/fas Sds/sso Qid/qld Tza/tna Bgu/bgz Dig/dug

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by increasenow, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. FAZ/FAS SDS/SSO QID/QLD TZA/TNA BGU/BGZ DIG/DUG...anyone capture daily profits either in their stocks or options?..exposing various daily divergences?...any other great pair divergences missing?
  2. wouter


    BGU = Big Up
    BGD = Big down
  3. wouter



    AGQ 3x silver

    But watch out for those ETNs - they are notes.
  4. l2tradr


    BGZ is the inverse of BGU.

  5. Dude, let me know if you actually pay attention to these boards. Any search of pair divergences will give you whatever info you need.

    Why do you need the forum to explain what's already been written? I think all of ET would benefit from reading past threads. There's more info on that topic than I care to mention, but I guarantee you it's out there already.--