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  1. I just had to start a new Favre thread. Could someone post the Viking announcers call of that last interception last night. I couldn't find the audio online yet, but I'm not the best when it comes to searching. I heard it this morning on the radio here, and it was perfect with disgust and frustration. "...right in between the old 2 - 6..." He leads quite the life these last few years. He makes himself the hero and then the goat every year.
  2. Just found it. Not sure if the link will work, but here's a try.

    Not sure if I like last years game ending call, or this one better. Last years was more pissed off, and this one is plain and simple disgust.
  3. fhl



    "Threw it right between the old two and the six".
  4. when the entire other team knows that every single play is going to be a pass (no time outs) the probability for an INT increases dramatically.

    Give the guy a break, he threw 3 tds in the 2nd half (on the road) against the best defense in all the NFL, with arguably the best CB tandem around.

    If you think about it, 2 out of their 3 losses came (both on the road) against the team that won the superbowl and a team that played in the AFC championship last yr (and who is better this yr).

    When Sydney Rice comes back and Moss learns the offense, I think you'll see a rejuvenated team.
  5. I don't necesarily disagree with your analysis, but the guy has a history, both on the field and off that goes back many years now. Look at hsi time with the Pack, and his last few years he threw away many a game. C'mon, the guy has been screwing around since who the hell knows when. He was busted early in his carrer in the NFL. His wife threatened to toss him many years ago, can you say decade? They weren't married then, but he was popping kids with her. Don't get me wrong, he has some amazing records that might stand for awhile, especially the consecutive starts. These days quarterbacks are really protected, but I watched him get the crap beat out of him with the Pack and a barely there line. Cripes under Sherman, that moron, he played with a broken thumb on his throwing hand. At the same time, the longer he plays and the more game ending picks he throws his legacy is diminished. At the same time it only takes one game winning play before he done and the NFL will be promo city on Favre to sell a b.s.s story of glory. But hey, thats marketing and those that buy into it are as big a morons as Favre, the true hillbilly.
  6. Stop making excuses for him.

    He also had 3 fumbles, 2 resulting in turnovers.

    Guy is a walking turnover machine who directly gives up at least one TD a game to the other defense.

    Over the last 5-6 years, the guy has cost his teams sooooo many wins with his stupid decision making.

    Fuck him and his "all about me" attitude.

    His legacy is shot.
  7. Hmmm, I seem to remember him throwing 33 TD's last season to 7 picks...so much for your 5-6 years argument. And if you want to bring up the pick in the NFC championship....the Vikes would have never even sniffed that game if Tavaris Jackson or Rosenfels was at the helm.

    Has he turned the ball over alot in his career, no doubt about it. Part of that is the fact that he touches the ball every single time on offense, part of it is longevity and # of games played and the other part is bad decision making. I'm not going to argue with you on that because the #'s speak for themselves. But he also has balanced that out by winning more games than anyone, more yds than anyone, more Tds than anyone, completions than anyone etc etc etc. Do I think Favre is better than Peyton Manning, no way. But is he better than 90% of QBs to ever play, I believe he is.

  8. You need to quit smoking the goop. He may have been better 6-20 years ago, but the last 6- 5 years he has been a a hero killer. Maybe you didn't see the number of Packer seasons he ended!?? Let alone Jet and Viking seasons. Again I am a fan, strictly a football fan, as he is a zero in personal life. I however refuse to be an idiot fan who doesn't see the obvious of recent years.
  9. You're a 'football' fan yet you fail to see that the Packers would have probably never gotten anywhere without a QB like Favre. Yes, he's made some bonehead decisions and costly mistakes, but at least he put the team in position to win. As far as I can tell, Peyton Manning has done the same thing only to lose big playoff and Superbowl games. And I'm 100% sure they both have the same # of Superbowl wins thus far (And I have Manning as the best QB of all time).

    As far as the Jets season, they were 8-3 before he tore a biceps tendon. His mistake was not coming out for the season when it was clear he couldn't perform anymore because of the injury. His ego and/or his desire not to let down his team took precedent.

    And you're the one smoking 'goop' if you think the Vikes would have been anything more than a bubble playoff team last yr without Favre. Like it or not, he put up one of thee best seasons of all time as a QB last year at age 40.

  10. Favre only has one ring despite having some really good teams in GB and last year in Minny.

    Lets not forget, Favre LOST a super bowl as a double digit favorite!

    As far as the Jets situation- I was a season ticket holder for years. Favre is so full of shit about his "injury". He always has an excuse for failure. Take away the Arizona game where he had 5 or 6 TD's and his season totals were even more abysmal.

    Favre's legacy now is more about his awful turnovers, retiring drama queen nonsense, and texts of his small penis.

    Fuck him.
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