Favre is back! Go Vikings!

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    Brett Favre is back in Minnesota, stirring hope among Vikings fans that he might be ready to play this season.

    A private jet trimmed in the Vikings' purple and gold carrying the 40-year-old quarterback landed at an airport in suburban Eden Prairie on Tuesday afternoon. Twin Cities television stations carried Favre's arrival live and showed a car taking the quarterback to the Vikings' facility.

    Favre is expected rejoin his Vikings teammates, with the "intent" being for him to play, a league source told NFL.com's Steve Wyche. It is unclear if Favre will begin practicing right away, the source said.

    Also, there hasn't been any change to Favre's contract, league sources told NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora. Favre is scheduled to make $13 million in the last year of a two-year deal with the Vikings.

    Also on board the plane were three of Favre's closest friends on the Vikings -- defensive end Jared Allen, guard Steve Hutchinson and kicker Ryan Longwell -- who traveled to Hattiesburg, Miss., to try to convince the quarterback to come back, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

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    NFL Network confirmed that the players visited Favre, but it isn't known if they actually talked him into returning. Favre's surgically repaired left ankle is sore when he runs, but he wants to get started as soon as he could, ankle permitting.

    As Favre flew to Minnesota, the quarterback's official Web site sent an e-mail to members of the media, saying: "Stay tuned for breaking news from the Minnesota Vikings today on Brett Favre's possible return."

    Favre has wavered all summer on whether or not to return. He created a firestorm when he reportedly texted some Vikings teammates and team officials Aug. 2, saying he would retire because his ankle hadn't responded to offseason surgery as well as he had hoped.

    Favre's agent, Bus Cook, said the next day that his client will play if his ankle is healthy enough.

    During Hall of Fame weekend, Favre texted NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci that the ankle still was giving him problems.

    "His arm feels great," said Mariucci, who was Favre's quarterback coach in Green Bay. "His conditioning is good, but he hasn't run much without pain in his ankle. It still gives him pain, and it needs to be better before he reports."

    With Favre under center last season, the Vikings finished 12-4, won their second consecutive NFC North title and advanced to the NFC Championship Game, where they lost to the eventual Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints in overtime.

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  2. My prediction: By the 6th game his starting streak will come to an end, and I'll go as far as to say he is done before the season is over.
  3. Fuck Favre. His whole "will I retire or not retire" schtick every off-season is really starting to get disgusting. I'm so sick of hearing about this guy.
  4. I get a kick out of Ryan Longwell being his Chauffer(sp?) when he got back to Minneapolis.
    AMT I'm checking to see if I or friends up there can get tickets to a Pack game this year.
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    If that whole move would have fallen through, they sure would have looked stupid, it sends a bad message to the rest of the team, and especially the other 2 QB's when you are willing to send a convoy of players down to convince him to play, and pick pick him up on the private jet.

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    It honestly doesn't bother me one bit. I don't think he does it to be a douche, or an attention whore.
  7. Well there must be some reason he waits up until preseason each year to declare whether he is playing or not...

    Unless he is really just that indecisive...
  8. Yeah, the reason is he can GET AWAY WITH IT. I'm sure if you were a 19 yr vet that played every single game you'd also want to avoid training camps and two a days and whatever else these guys have to sludge through in the hot summer sun.

    Isn't he just doing what almost any other football player wishes they could do but can't?

    And lets be honest, he played for like 17 NFL seasons before even starting all of this retired/not retired jazz. The reason there is so much coverage is because people are interested, one way or another. You can't blame Favre for the fact that the media decides to follow every tweet or text message that may or may not indicate what he may do. That's all our faults for caring so much.


    Plus he is only 3 td passes away from 500 career and less than 1000 yds away from 70K career passing yds...so he had to come back!

  9. I have no complaints about him missing training camp, preseason, whatever else he wants to miss. He deserves preferential treatment for sure. But I actually find it most disrespectful to the team. The team has no idea if he will play or not, and therefore they have no idea who will be their QB. It has got to be frusterating. I just find it to be poor taste.
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