Favourite news TV or other alert service for a busy futures scalper?

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  1. I have been playing mostly CNBC in the background for company during the day trading US indices and CL etc. but I'm interested in a discussion on possible alternatives. :)

    For me:

    CNBC is ok, I like the market stuff runners on the bottom.

    Fox Business is not neutral/objective enough on the political coverage past couple of years.

    Bloomberg TV is too world focused and frankly dull much of the day.

    TastyTrade TV is ok but very Options focused and when the two boys are not chatting, they don't really have any useful alerts when running long segments about Tastyworks and their new "Small Exchange" lately.

    Wall Street Journal Live.. I just found this in the depths of my Kodi web TV so will give it a morning sometime.

    Perhaps I'm missing something great? I like having some mix of programming going on in the background. Is there anything purely web based/subscription to consider?
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    There are a few services I like personally and we offer free trials to all 3 ( PM me if you like to be set up or visit our FREE TRIAL page):

    RAN Squawk
    BetterTrader App
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  3. ZBZB


    Try metastock Xenith for $99 a month. It is a rebadged Reuter’s EIKON terminal.
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    Many of the options you mentioned would just distract you from your method, and as you described one of them they have nothing useful to say. Avoid information overload.

    Focus on news releases and economic announcements, and you can have specific Twitter accounts that focus on this data. We have a news app that does all that for free for our customers. https://optimusfutures.com/Optimus-News.php
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  5. Thanks, I just like to have some live connection to the world and CNBC largely does the job. I despise Twitter as I do find that distracting and causing overload. I used to be fairly active in a good trading group so had the boys to update me on their feeds but the group itself became tiresome with US personality politics coming in all the time.

    I'll try and sign up again for your demo tomorrow, right now it says:

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    There is a differences between news feed (our software has a free built in news feed) and an actual voice/live breaking news that you can hear while you trade along with instant analysis.
    I personally prefer the voice breaking news.
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    I prefer Bloomberg to CNBC. CNBC is too much US centric and many of their guests are often 'cheap' level people which wouldn't be invited by Bloomberg otherwise. Especially, I don't like Cramer. I think Bloomberg is much more professional grade. I also like Financialjuice as a free alternative to Talking Forex. However, my favorite is Journalytix built-in news voice reader (powered by CityFALCON). It has better cost-efficiency than Talking Forex in my opinion.
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    Twitter is one of the best free news sources these days. You just have to follow 1 or 2 profiles and you will know most news ages before it gets mentioned on CNBC or Bloomberg TV.
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    Understood. But, despite the news medium that you like or dislike, you need to narrow down to this "what affects my trading positions?" and that may lead you to sources that can help you.

    There was a time that every time Trump twitted about China; the ES changed direction in the direction of the market. Many complained about his twitting, and yet for some, it was a gift if you received an alert that he twitted. His Twitts did affect the market. Since you also trade CL, you should get the U.S Energy Information Administration Twitter @EIAgov. They also release stats that may affect the price.

    I apologize for the demo did not work for you. I will talk to my tech team in the AM.
    You will be able to see what I mean by looking at economic news releases of what is expected, versus what is released and how it affects the price.

    Finally, I am not against any method that helps a trader. But, I do believe that you need to measure precisely how something helps you...or not. Go against your intuition and measure it with numbers.
  10. Thanks Matt,

    Maybe a relatively refined feed could work for me, maybe time to hire a VOLFEFE index tweet scanning assistant. :)

    I agree on measuring so you can manage where practical. I have been profitable since my first year and discarding a lot of the set dressing has been a big part of that. I've seen traders who look like the backup control room for a SpaceX launch. When you can't find your mouse pointer several times a day, time to cut the clutter.

    As I am a scalper and very correlation conscious I'm generally only concerned with the non-calendar WTFJH? events, many, too many driven by the $VOLFEFE :)


    Though they don't really concern me, stop one trade and make a ton more on the volatility ride.
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