Favourite ET posters

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  1. benwm


    Pick three who you feel have favourably influenced your trading.
    My selection:-


    Mention also to Martinghoul for providing his economic viewpoint.

    Many others from the past and present.
  2. delusional Jack Hershey gets honorable mention
  3. gmst


    In alphabetical order:

    1) Acrary - Learnt best practices of systematic trading from him
    2) Ammo - Learnt interesting tid-bits of ES trading from him
    3) Bombardier - Learnt principles of longer term swing trading
    4) Daal - Showed me what is possible by diligent economic and fundamental analysis
    5) Lescor - Showed me the consistency that is possible in trading
    6) Neke - His amazing compounding of his account for first few years and then his equally stupendous downfall from trading grace. Shows what can happen even after being successful if you lose discipline and your edge
  4. benwm


    If choosing six I'll add:-
    4. Swan Noir
    5. Ghost of Cutten
    6. Acrary

    In no particular order.
  5. Yeah, Acrary came on here under another alias to thank Acrary for making him millions. The post was at like 3am EST and Acrary came to the thread within minutes to thank the guy for the testimonial. Acrary hadn't posted for like a year. Thread was deleted. I was up trading yen exotics and couldn't believe my eyes.

    That's a real class act.
  6. Wasn't acrary featured on "ice road truckers" ?
  7. Craig66


    EricP, 2rosy (rosy2?), Dustin, Lescor, DeeDeeTwo.
  8. gmst


    You might have mistaken it for someone else and if you are correct and Acrary actually thanked himself - well he might be taking time off to amuse himself. lol. With everything he has contributed here, he definitely can humor himself if he so desires.

    So we understand acrary is definitely not on your list. Please share your list - I am sure it will have some good names.
  9. I posted to the thread and I am not mistaken. It was a blatant pump. Anyway, my list:

    Ed Thorp (won't reveal handle)
    kevin schmit

    many others, most of whom are no longer posting.
  10. NoDoji is the main person I have spoken to on here and she has been a huge help and really given me some good guidance. I am so appreciative of her help. I also have talked to Zr1Trader once or twice when I first joined and that got me motivated to look into other markets (I was pretty much only looking at options and didn't know anything about futures). So I guess that helped me by sparking my interest to look into other markets.
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