Favourite Book of All time

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  1. Mine is Clement Stone's Success through a Positive Mental Attitude.
  2. 1st When Genius Failed
    2nd Ed. of a Speculator
  3. Trading Related: Its a toss up between Reminisces of a Stock Operator and Fooled by Randomness.

    Non Trading Related: The Life of Pi
  4. trading in order--- education of a speculator--niederhoffer

    equity markets in action--- schwartz

    market wizards 1 and 2---- schwager

    woulda, coulda, shoulda--cottle

    secrets of the COT report--- williams

    fooled by randomness-- taleb

    non-trading but related in order---- techgnosis--davis
    500 year delta--- wacker
    4th turning

  5. MGJ


    Ralph Vince's first book. Exponentially more impactful than other books, for me.
  6. qtip


    Napolean Hill
  7. chapter 2 of "the elegant universe" by brian greene
  8. Mr B

    Mr B

    Techniques of Tape Reading by Vadym Graifer.

    the psychology bit is just awesome.
  9. Jack Schwager 3 top trading books;
    and related like
    Hoe To Make Money in Stocks,+Selling Short by William O 'Neil,
    DR. Van Tharp.

    Proverbs of Solomon:cool:

    RE-reading Jack S again
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