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  1. Interesting... I'm sober 16 years... 17 on Dec 5th... definitely can relate to being addicted to "things".
  2. Wow congrats. It's pretty tough. I am off drugs, but still slip with the alcohol from time to time. I don't write in that blog much anymore, maybe I should huh?
  3. Just cant keep your hands off things can ya haha.... sobriety means soundness of mind... Not necessarly full blown off everything (as i am)... But to each his own... i dont preach.. I didnt even know that was your blog.. I just gravitated to it first because it said something addicted something... bunch of girl worshipping photos on there.......are you tucking your male self? i hear sex changes are gonna be free in cali!
  4. hughb


    which one is about drgs and alcohol post it again
  5. Reddit.com
    Elitetrader.. Great full of crazy old gambling men that are desperately seeking trading company... thats how i would title it in craigslist.. Ha
    Ohhh i know craigslist... Gotta love DL on the CL
  6. Pinterst of course
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    ok i went tger byt it was about a bullitein board to pin things on. i didn't find it
  8. i was joking bro.. the one that has "addicted" in the url
  9. I am a chick. And haven't you seen RCG's Pictorium on here? That is also my thread. I am straight, but obviously like looking at beautiful woman. The addicted to it all thread is my personal one.

    The blog is mentioned on the side with the link.

    Why do you use so many...Ellipsis... when...you...write?? Just curious... lol:p
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